What an experience I had at Legacy this past Tuesday afternoon with Craig! I’m a current 9 handicap golfer who hasn’t played as much in recent years due to my daughter’s college education. I’m getting the bug to get back into golf a bit more but my game has gone a bit south. My business brought me to Phoenix this week and I decided to start with a lesson from someone I thought to be a “Pro”, but instead worked for the first time with an instructor and boy is there a difference!

Craig an I talked about my golf game, he looked at my swing and gave me some thoughts to work on. It was TOTALLY different than working with your typical golf pro. He made the instruction informative and fun, the bug is back and I can’t wait to begin working on my game again. I’ll certainly be back to take another lesson in the future from Craig and the Legacy Performance Center is incredible.

I wish you the best in establishing the center as a top notch golf instructional center.


Bud Chatfield


When I started working with Craig, I was a 7 handicap. We worked very hard on the swing and the short game. With consistent practice and attention to my game, my handicap is down to a 1.9.

Gary Gartley


I started playing golf 5 years ago and it was a battle to play golf without losing golf balls every hole. I did not know where the ball was going to go. Craig got me to understand my swing and what caused the ball to go where it was going. He made the game fun!

Larry Klein


They say we have one mouth and two ears because we need to be better listeners. Craig Renshaw has mastered the art of listening. Whether you take an individual lesson or a group lesson, Craig excels at hearing your needs and providing meaningful guidance and results – and always with a smile.

Debbie Waitkus



Kent Pummill here,  the Missouri man that came out in May and did 3 day golf lesson.

Just wanted to follow up with how much I appreciate everything you showed me. My short game in so much better, and my driver is longer and straighter than its ever been.   All around I have improved 6 to 10 shots easy.  Was always around 91 – 96 now I’m in the 80’s at my course.  Shot an 81 last weekend going 3 over on the last two holes. I haven’t been that low in years, not an easy course. 142 slope. Only thing holding me back now is just practicing level 1 and level 2 pitch shots.   What you taught me on chip shots is so easy, I put it close to the pin all the time now and its just a calculation and grabbing the right club and making an easy swing.  I get that “Damn, Pummill you are on today” saying, and they just don’t understand the concept.  I have tried to show a couple of people and they just don’t want to listen, which I think is funny.

Anyway, I have never contacted you since I left, and just want to give you some kudo’s.

Thanks, Kent